Osun state count their losses as herdsmen destroyed their farmland in Obokun

Two communities in Obokun Local Government Area of Osun State are severely checking their misfortunes after herdsmen  crushed their farmland and destroyed produces worth millions  of naira.

The herdsmen visited a plantain farm belonging to the royal family Prince of Imesi, Samuel Ajiboye.

Mr. Patrick Olaniyan Polytechnic, Imesi Ile, lecturer at the Department of Business Administration explained that herdsmen destroyed his farms in Oki village also cassava plantation belonging Joseph Osundare in Uro village.

He said,“I was away in Ibadan when this happened. All the heaps of yam that I planted were eaten by the cattle and the herders. The yam was ready for harvest and I was just waiting for the appropriate time to harvest it and take everything the market but this is what they have done.

“A similar incident happened in October and I went to report to the leader of the Hausa/Fulani community in Imesi Ile. He just promised that he would talk to the cattle rearers to stop driving their cattle into my farm. But how long will I continue to suffer these kinds of losses.

“I was about to harvest the yam and they drove their animals there and destroyed everything. The cattle ate most of it and I think their herders removed the remaining and carted them away

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