She became your queen the very moment you paid her bride price and assured her parents that you will take good care of their daughter. She became your queen the very moment she made you a proud father of Kaosisochukwu and Nnamdi. She became your queen the very day she exchanged those vows on the Holy altar with you. On this note, I think she deserves a crown not a helmet of wars and blows.

What will be your gain if your absence is more treasured than your presence? What will be your reward those times her face is covered with bruises and burns? What will be your gain the moment your family hates her all because of how incompetent you have painted her to be?

1. If her third finger deserves your legal band then her head will fit your crown.

2. Make her the Amazon of your world. You won’t regret it, once she is good enough.

3. Since she could lay on that rocky and cold ground with you when the going was tough, then don’t chase her out now the rug carpet has been launched. If only you know what I mean.

4. If she is perfect for you then she is good enough for your family and friends too. They are not in the best position to assent your choice.

5. Don’t make her a widow when you are still alive. Start now to show her the loving man she said YES to.

6. Be her high wall of protection. Never allow the world to prey on her while you are still alive.

7.Take the stand of her man not a stranger or a fugitive. The days of her Ex is gone. This is your reign so make every step on the way worth it.

Make her your forever woman not your forever slave.

May your weekend be blessed and productive.

Enem Chiamaka Becky,
Golden Pen.